Peninsula Forward


Each city on the Peninsula has a unique character, distinct local economy and a tailored general plan to address their respective challenges and opportunities for the future.

At the same time, each Peninsula city is part of a larger bustling regional economy, both benefiting from a growing job market and challenged by regional forces of housing availability and limits of existing transportation infrastructure. Our cities are bounded by the stunning physical environment we cherish and the rich yet complicated history in which the region has developed over the past 175 years.

The people who live and work in each of our Peninsula cities are in the best position to imagine and bring forward innovative yet pragmatic local solutions to these regional challenges, to imagine and bring forward conditions for their communities to retain and enhance their vibrancy.

Those people are you!

You know your neighbors, you know your city streets, you know what both inspires you to celebrate what’s working well and motivates you to work on what concerns you.

Guess what: you are not alone! There are many folks in your city that share your concerns as well as your inspiration.

We are Peninsula Forward - a non-profit community organization dedicated to supporting community-based regionalists like you engage, connect and create an inclusive, well-designed, and flourishing Peninsula.

We imagine a Peninsula that balances livable and workable, sustainable and beautiful, thriving and forward thinking.  If you also imagine this future for the Peninsula, join us!